Digital Currency

  • Coinbetter: Outlook for Cryptocurrency in 2022

    Taking a look at the fall, the factors affecting bitcoin’s decline are increasingly complex from different dimensions. Bitcoin’s fall from $40,000 to its nadir of $32,000 is undoubtedly driven by the linkage of THE US stock market and the expectation of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. On the day before the Fed’s decision, U.S. stocks opened down, but bitcoin rebounded, petering out at $38,900, an important sign that the broader market is starting to move independently of U.S. stocks. The United States time on January 27, 3 o ‘clock, the…

  • META WARRIOR–upcoming P2E trading card game with upgraded NFT’s + Staking.

    Introduction META WARRIOR is an upcoming Play-to-earn game of the addictive battle Genre. It is built on Binance Smart Chain(BSC ) Our team is dedicated to create an NFT pay-to-earn game which will allow you to enjoy a new and different video game, also giving you the opportunity to earn money. After study the benefit of both BSC and gamefi, we decided to create this Meta warrior token. It brings in the benefit of both smart chains. Our main ambition is to build a superior NFT ecosystem in the blockchain space offering…

  • Coinbetter: Keep an eye on investment institutions

    In 2021, the growth momentum of DeFi maintained, and the value of locked positions will continue to reach new highs. New trends such as GameFi, Metaverse, and NFT will continue to become popular, and many brands, companies and investment institutions will enter the market one after another. After the downturn in 2020, the blockchain industry investment and financing market finally rebounded in 2021. The number of investment and financing in the first half of the year alone has exceeded that of the whole of 2020. Today, these investment institutions already…

  • The Vision of Ethanim: Building New Public Chain for the Metaverse

    As the advanced version of the digital era, many metaverse applications using multiple digital technologies are approaching us. Blockchain technology makes digital identity unique and digital asset confirmation also becomes possible. It builds a trustworthy economic form and also accelerates the development of metaverse. In the past six months or so, the metaverse conceptual application represented by crypto games has been noticed. Traditional game developers have introduced digital assets and NFT based on blockchain technology into the game precisely to form a new metaverse conceptual game with unified value and…

  • Recap of Heroland Community Conference

    Heroland Community Conference has successfully ended! Now let’s have a review about the whole conference!   Introduction Metaease aims to gather the builders, designers, producers and users of the Metaverse through decentralized autonomous communities and further innovate on the basis of blockchain technology and game production technology, thus build a virtual world that blends with the real world, making it a Metaverse with complete economic cycle and social application value – Metaease will help individuals and organizations stand at the forefront of the future, establish the ultimate expression of the…

  • MeRace | FunBall, the first metaverse competitive game of MeRace, will be online officially on January 20, 2022

    Recently, the metaverse competitive ecological platform MeRace announced that FunBall, its first large-scale 3D metaverse football competitive game, will start closed beta test on Jan. 20 and will open its qualification to white list users. The game is expected to enter the internal test stage on Feb. 10 and will start public test stage on March 10. The upsurge belonging to FunBall has started. Professional teams research and develop There will be rich game content FunBall is the first metaverse concept game under MeRace, which is different from the relatively simple same concept game in the market. FunBall has made great efforts in game…

  • First game of Metaease — Heroland overview

    Metaease has officially launched and it’s first game—- Heroland is coming and will soon under beta test. Now let’s have a overview about this project. Heroland is an SLG mobile game based on blockchain technology with gameplay as its starting point and foothold. Our design idea is to give full play to the entertainment and educational significance of the game. While bringing game value to users, we use blockchain technology to make the game run in an open and fair environment to ensure game fairness and asset safety among players….

  • While current top GameFi’s users are leaving the game,where will they go next? METAEASE rises as a game changer!

    The natural anti-monopoly attributes, ultra-high topicality and liquidity nature of GameFi make it an object of pursuit for the rich. The sector as a whole remained on a downward trend this week, with the overall decline in the sector being severe, the trading volumes are maintaining a downward trend and the number of users is also falling to varying degrees. There is no doubt that the GameFi industry is in a downturn, the unprecedented market environment and the fall of many socialites are undoubtedly a big blow to the market. While the overall…

  • While top GameFis are experiencing crisis, where is the turning point? Elven World rises as a game changer!

    “There are two paths to the future of mankind, either towards interstellar civilization or towards the virtual world of VR technology — the metaverse. ” As the pioneer of the metaverse sector, GameFi is a bottom-up revolution in nature. The future of GameFi will be extremely optimistic, but the current development has only just begun, not only that there are many challenges, but it is a long way to go.What’s the current state of GameFi industry?   First Stage: Carnival The natural anti-monopoly attributes, ultra-high topicality and liquidity nature of GameFi make it an object of…

  • Dumbo = a combination of SocialFI+DEFI2.0

    The traditional social and content platforms are not only controlled by the project team, but all profits are also taken away by the project team. Also affected by the policy, we hope to build a decentralized, completely unmanned operation and management, operation, control, users have 100% privacy and content ownership, account ownership of the blockchain social platform. Project Description Dumbo is a joint collaboration between the Jumbo Innovation Lab and the well-known community PEOPLE. Based on the DEFI2.0 economic model and invitation mechanism, it will build WEB3 SocialFI in the…