Dumbo = a combination of SocialFI+DEFI2.0

The traditional social and content platforms are not only controlled by the project team, but all profits are also taken away by the project team. Also affected by the policy, we hope to build a decentralized, completely unmanned operation and management, operation, control, users have 100% privacy and content ownership, account ownership of the blockchain social platform.

Dumbo = a combination of SocialFI+DEFI2.0

  • Project Description

Dumbo is a joint collaboration between the Jumbo Innovation Lab and the well-known community PEOPLE. Based on the DEFI2.0 economic model and invitation mechanism, it will build WEB3 SocialFI in the future and create a community experimental project.

In the future, we hope to build a peer-to-peer content and social platform that is not affected by any external forces and achieve true decentralization. At the same time, users can also cast content and social relationships into nft and switch to any platform at will. In addition, Dumbo is born with defi2.0 attributes, allowing users’ tokens to generate value through decentralized finance, thereby supporting stable token prices, so as to attract users and KOLs to continue to join. KOLs are in order to obtain stable value tokens. , So as to create excellent content and continue to attract users to join, in order to form a cycle and become a real SocialFI.


  • Opportunity

When people talk about their “encryption journey,” they are usually full of surprises and discoveries because they have delved into the philosophy of decentralization and the benefits of disruptive technologies. But for encryption enthusiasts, it can be confusing or even dangerous, with scammers and spammers floating in the space.

At the same time, it is difficult for individuals and project teams to become opinion leaders on their social accounts to attract a large number of fans or stand out from thousands of communities.

The current social media platforms do not specifically target the cryptocurrency crowd. The real native encryption and NFT dedicated social media platform has not yet been born, with a high density of fans. Although there are more than 100 million wallet addresses worldwide, and the number of cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts is increasing every day, why is there no dedicated public opinion forum and social media platform for the crypto community?

Dumbo = a combination of SocialFI+DEFI2.0

  • Advantages
  1. DEFI2.0 issuance model: Its issuance model is OHM’s DEFI2.0 issuance model, rather than the previous DEFI1.0 model of decreasing blocks. While protecting users from the trouble of impermanent loss risk, it also provides low-cost support for the tokenprice of the treasury, so that the tokenprice can run more smoothly.
  2. SocialFI: As a content social platform, a stable tokenprice is a prerequisite, otherwise it will be difficult to attract content creators to continuously produce high-quality content and attract users. As a SocialFI project based on the concept of WEB3, Dumbo’s content has the functions of privacy encryption, peer-to-peer, and paid reading.
  3. DAO governance: In terms of platform governance, Dumbo adopts a decentralized DAO governance model to make the entire project more transparent and trustworthy.




  • The utility of DUM
  1. Users participate in content mining through staking DUM, which is a write-and-earn model with proof of stake (POS).
  2. After the platform obtains a specific user group and traffic, advertisers can purchase and burn DUM to promote posts, broadcast messages, and insert streaming ads. (For reference, Twitter’s annual advertising revenue is approximately US$4 billion, while Facebook’s average is US$100 billion.)
  3. Crowdfunding investment opportunities. Based on its own traffic and user advantages, the platform will obtain investment quotas for high-quality projects, which will be allocated to DUM holders in accordance with the proportion of DUM holdings. Users can decide whether to participate in the investment, but the quota will be guaranteed.
  4. DUM can be used as a reward mechanism for users.



  • Partners



Dumbo = a combination of SocialFI+DEFI2.0

Dumbo = a combination of SocialFI+DEFI2.0

Dumbo = a combination of SocialFI+DEFI2.0

Dumbo = a combination of SocialFI+DEFI2.0

  • Project team

Dumbo is affiliated to the Jumbo Innovation Lab. Jumbo is partner of the EOS Foundation and Gamebox, dedicated to investing in and incubating a team with strong innovation capabilities.


  • Public sales

No private placement, no team reservation

(1) In the first phase, 300 people will be whitelisted on December 23. IDO will be priced at 0.02, and each person will be limited to 400u; on December 24, 700 people will be whitelisted, IDO will be priced at 0.02, and each person will be limited to 400u;

(2) In the second phase, 1,000 places will be sold on December 28, IDO is priced at 0.03, and each person is limited to 300u;

(3) The third phase will openly sell 1,000 places on Coinlist on January 2, IDO is priced at 0.03, and each person is limited to 300u;

(4) From December 25th to early January, submit certik for audit;

(5) Launch on January 5 (estimated, launch after audit is completed);



Dumbo info



Twitter: https://twitter.com/DumboSocialFi

English: https://t.me/DumboDefi_Official



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