While current top GameFi’s users are leaving the game,where will they go next? METAEASE rises as a game changer!

The natural anti-monopoly attributes, ultra-high topicality and liquidity nature of GameFi make it an object of pursuit for the rich. The sector as a whole remained on a downward trend this week, with the overall decline in the sector being severe, the trading volumes are maintaining a downward trend and the number of users is also falling to varying degrees.

While current top GameFi’s users are leaving the game,where will they go next? METAEASE rises as a game changer!

There is no doubt that the GameFi industry is in a downturn, the unprecedented market environment and the fall of many socialites are undoubtedly a big blow to the market. While the overall industry users are in a state of panic, how to rise up against the tide under a pessimistic market environment , has become the next goal for the industry insiders to explore.

In order to swim against the tide without being affected by the general environment, we must first address the following issues:

1. Poor user experience

GameFi is also a product, and a good product experience is what makes users stick to it for a long time. The product experiences in the GameFi are not limited to the game itself and the Play to Earn scenario. Most of the user experiences of GameFi in the today’s market are not as user-friendly as they could be.

2.There is no stable Play to Earn scenario

Play to Earn is a core part of the overall GameFi, and a good economic model is what keeps the overall project running in a good state.

3.Monotonous asset

The market lacks a GameFi that allows users to connect multiple game assets within the platform.

4.Confusion over the concept of metaverse

It’s called a metaverse because it requires implementation of a combination of technologies, and so far there isn’t a GameFi in the market that combines VR and AR technology in the implementation.

If the above issues are not solved, it is impossible to buck up under the overall downward trend of the environment.

The amazing thing is that METAEASE has solved all of these issues.Let’s find out together.

While current top GameFi’s users are leaving the game,where will they go next? METAEASE rises as a game changer!

The Metaease game ecology includes multiple GameFi, connecting many game economic systems and asset information systems, while supporting the transfer and use of multiple game assets, truly structuring the game metaverse 0.5.Then on top of that, VR and AR technologies are combined with GameFi to create metaverse 1.0.In this virtual world, people can immerse in socializing, playing, creating and trading.It also provides a variety of ecological tools, wallets, NFTstore, etc. to build the economic system within the metaverse, which in turn linking the value exchange between various applications of the ecology.

1.First of all, Metaease focuses on getting back to the definition of game itself. Metaease is not only for investors but also for game lovers. Therefore, it will lower the threshold of participation for ordinary players as much as possible, provide users with a perception-free decentralized operation, provide a more convenient way to top up and withdraw funds, and improve as well as upgrade the gameplay and game graphics greatly.

2. Players can obtain props and game token through gaming, the higher the combat effectiveness, the higher the reward will be. The game tokens can be used to upgrade attributes, skills, etc., and to be exchanged directly in the exchange pool for MTEE. Props produced can be used to equip heroes and increase combat effectiveness. It can also be traded through the trading market to obtain the corresponding project tokens MTEE.The platform’s game token MTEE also has a good economic model that is fully transparent and open to the market, ensuring that the market and the price can be communicated in a relatively balanced and stable manner.

3.The game assets will be connected in multiple games in the Metaease ecosystem,  NFT can be transferred directly to another user account within the game too, hence enabling the use of assets across accounts.

4.Metaease uses VR technology + gaming to further enhance the immersive experience of the game, improving gameplay while also bringing benefits to players.

While current top GameFi’s users are leaving the game,where will they go next? METAEASE rises as a game changer!

Metaease is built on playability, it contains financial attributes in which the import/export is a virtuous circle. There will be more new features coming out in subsequent ongoing development that will drive wave after wave of climax.The Metaease ecosystem is well established, with a number of ecosystems including Tiline (a decentralized wallet) and Timate (the NFT trading marketplace in the metaverse) being opened to the market.With large ecosystem and good top model,combining with virtual reality augmentation, it is even conceivable that Metaease will have the opportunity to lead us into a real metaverse.

Join Metaease and start a new era in the metaverse!

Official website:www.metaease.io



Medium: https://medium.com/@oxmetaease



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