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15/05/2022 • th000000524pm22

NFT trading platform BNFGT received key investment from Binance, GBIC, Three Arrows Capital, and A41 Capital

BNFGT is the world’s first natural resource NFT trading platform. It took 8 months to plan and develop, and received capital investment from Binance, GBIC, Three Arrows Capital, A41, etc., and reached a strategic cooperation with the well-known game company NBGI. BNFGT realizes the perfect integration of DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse, presents financial products in the form of games, gamifies DeFi applications, and combines DeFi and games through NFT to form a GameFi system. BNFGT has created a new way of playing in the metaverse world and will create the…

28/03/2022 • May2022524pm22

Live Show Arena(LSA) will be fair launched on PancakeSwap at 2:00 UTC, 29th Mar,2022.

Live Show Arena(LSA)is the most potential aggregative social platform on BNB Chain, the core purpose of Live Show Arena platform is to promote a complete ecology and make LSA more diversified, more application scenarios and higher value. The promotions of LSA combine with the hundreds of communities, serveral medias, Kol on Twitter promoteabout LSA who has more than 300,000 fans,etc. The powerful free Airdrop activity is coming with the fair launching of LSA!!!

13/03/2022 • th000000524pm22


META SPACE Laboratory invested 100 million US dollars to support its ecological construction, and launched the META SPACE chain game ecology and META SWAP, DEX platform in the first phase, and opened up the dual ecological interconnection mechanism.

09/03/2022 • 21-08:00245-08:001624pm22

New Decentralized Autonomous Organization – NSGuild

NSGuild is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) whose owners are all guild members, investors, and players. Used to invest in NFTs based on virtual worlds and blockchain games, NS combines the characteristics of NFTs and DeFi, adding a liquidity mining model to the game economy, and at the same time, by developing gamers, artists, and creators, it adds to the metaverse to which it belongs. value, and promote the pan-universe process. 2022.3.11 NS Token will be pre-listed on PancakeSwap on the BSC chain, and the airdrop activity will start. On…

06/03/2022 • th000000524pm22

APEX Defi meets NFT. Dive into our ongoing work

APEX, no pre-digging, zero reservation, super-consensus stepped production reduction mechanism, instant contract private key. Destroy, open the flow pool permanently, and create an open and free decentralized financial world with players. APEX, a specially designed Top10 competition mechanism, attracts more token players to join and share the blockchain wealth feast. This is a blockchain-based, decentralized reality version of the number one player. The APEX mechanism is run by smart contracts and cannot be tampered with. Once the creation is launched, it will run forever. APEX. For more information, please refer…

12/02/2022 • thpm31000000Tue, 24 May 2022 13:23:16 -080024pm22

Global Metaverse City Construction Game – Akita Inu King ATK Launched

According to official news, Akitaking (ATK) is jointly strategically invested by the well-known American COINBASE, Binance PAN-CAKESWAP, and Singapore ENSEMBLE CAPITAL. These exchanges have many inherent investors and bring the highest-end value guarantee to ATK. ATK’s Chinese name is Akita Inuwang, total circulation: 100 trillion pieces, 99% will be destroyed at one time before going online, the remaining 1 trillion pieces, and the transaction fee will be 14% (2% burn, 2% return, 2% prize pool, 8% dynamic), The world’s first super destruction mechanism, the latest multiple dividend mechanism, short-term goals,…

09/02/2022 • 21-08:00245-08:001624pm22

M1 miner starts double digging, MSPC + MSD returns multiplied

According to public information, the M1 miner has been fully compatible with the consensus algorithm of WEB3.0 core network MSD public chain since February 7, officially activating the dual mining mode. Under the dual mining mode, M1 miner is compatible with both consensus, and the original MSPC output remains unchanged with the additional MSD incentive, so the mining machine’s gold mining ability and comprehensive mining returns have grown significantly. M1 miner is a new generation of miner equipped with 8nm process chip, strong hardware performance gives M1 miner dual consensus…

20/01/2022 • GMT-080001000000Tue, 24 May 2022 13:23:16 -08001624pm22

Higher Security Design Platform will be launched on 2022.1.22

Higher security design platform is a mature DeFi ecosystem that provides users with a complete decentralized financial infrastructure. Dei(Decentralized Finance) is an open, fair and connected hub. The design of the upper semi-secure platform will be based on distributed recod and blockchain technology, to build an ecological platform, integrated financial services such as technical challenges stablecoin decentralization, diversification portfolio, decentralization, communication community crowdfunding cloud, market prediction, inclusive finance, asset management and citizens of the electronic information system.

15/01/2022 • thpm31000000Tue, 24 May 2022 13:23:16 -080024pm22

In order to build the Mobius ring planet, Baidu Xirang will soon issue XR, the token of Xirang.

The direction of Baidu Xirang’s efforts is to become a metaverse engine, providing AI and cloud computing capabilities for Xirang and other metaverse products, and the token XR (1 billion pieces) will be issued soon. Metaverse’s real-time high-brush immersive experience screen effects and multi-person interactions in the same space require massive computing power, algorithm support, and a lot of R&D investment. Therefore, technical strength will become a key part of future Metaverse competition. Baidu has maintained high-intensity R&D investment for a long time. XR will become the only token in…

10/01/2022 • May2022524pm22

The dark horse in crypto asset quantification – Unicorn Park Quantified

Unicorn Park is a quantitative investment research firm on the cryptocurrency market, founded in 2020, headquartered in Canada, with a full overseas structured R&D team and a Canadian and US MSB licence. Risk control is a full process, with risk management running through all aspects of pre-investment, investment and post-investment. After years of development, backtesting and real-life operation, Unicorn Park has developed its own investment strategies and maintained an annualised return of over 70%, ranking among the top in the industry. Unicorn Park Quantitative has the following key products, enabling…