Coinbetter launches global ambassador recruitment program


In order to better build a blockchain industry ecology integrating technology research and development, industrial research, open platform, investment, information, etc., Coinbetter launched a global ambassador recruitment plan in March 2022, which not only gave users super high rebates, but also there are other great benefits.

According to Coinbetter’s official announcement, the recruitment of global ambassadors is open to more blockchain enthusiasts such as community owners, social media influencers, industry KOLs, professional institutions and tool aggregators to join hands with Coinbetter to build a trading ecosystem and expand Coinbetter Brand influence.

Coinbetter launches global ambassador recruitment program

Judging from the announcement, Coinbetter provides a total of 8 kinds of rights for global ambassadors, involving super high commissions, rapid promotion, exclusive rewards, referral rewards, new tickets, promotional activities, honorary titles, one-stop service, etc. Among them, Coinbetter also gave specific instructions for the most popular rebates and exclusive rewards.

Coinbetter launches global ambassador recruitment program

When the ambassador reaches the silver stage, that is, the number of invited users is more than 3, but less than 280, then the rebate rate is 30%. If there are more invited users, there will be an additional income of 10%. By analogy, the more people invited, the higher the number of first-level rebates enjoyed, can go up to 60%.

In addition, when the user is invited to complete a transaction on Coinbetter, and the currency transaction amount reaches 50USDT, they will get an additional exclusive reward. When 50 to 100 people complete a 50USDT transaction every month, the ambassador can get a 50USDT reward; if the number reaches 101 to 200, the reward will be increased to 120USDT. In other words, the more people who trade, the more rewards you get.

Coinbetter launches global ambassador recruitment program

In addition to these perks, Coinbetter also offers referral bonus perks. Global ambassadors can recommend other outstanding friends to Coinbetter to become global ambassadors. If the number of recommended transactions reaches 300 within the first 3 months, it can be regarded as a valid recommendation, and the referrer will receive a one-time referral bonus of 300USDT.


Of course, rights and obligations are often relative. Only community owners with ≥300 active users in communities such as Telegram/LINE/Discord; Social Media influencers and industry KOLs that have more than 3,000 followers or an average reading volume of 1,000+, and continue to output high-quality content; or blockchain platforms, professional institutions and tools with a certain scale of daily page views aggregators can only sign up to participate in the event. Moreover, once the election is successful, it must also assume corresponding responsibilities. For example, actively promote the brand of Coinbetter and consciously maintain the image of Coinbetter; voluntarily expand new users who have valid transactions for Coinbetter, and guide users to register and trade with Coinbetter; assist in educating new users and solve basic business problems raised by new users; self-promotion and exposure of Coinbetter official news and activities; cooperate with Coinbetter official staff to publicize, promote and operate independent communities, independently create or re-process videos, articles, pictures, etc. related to Coinbetter brand. It is worth noting that if it is a particularly excellent work, Coinbetter will also give separate rewards according to the market reaction!


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In the future, Coinbetter will bring a lot of welfare products to users, so that every user can obtain their own digital asset wealth.

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