The 2024 Scarlet Ball Rise S-RISING AI Game Public Chain News Conference is about to be grandly held

With the rapid development of Web3 technology, the blockchain field is sweeping the world at an unprecedented speed. In this wave of change, the highly anticipated blockchain event – the 2024 Scarlet Globe Rising S-RISING AI Game Public Chain Press Conference – will be held grandly in Bangkok, Thailand on April 9, 2024. This milestone event not only marks the debut of the S-RISING AI series in Asia, but also marks the rise of the Scarlet Ball. Meanwhile, S-Rising will soon announce its second phase investment institution partners and select the best design from numerous community partners as our new image, releasing the latest logo graphics.

This conference is hosted by S-RISING Planet Rising Global Operations, co hosted by Quantum Asset Management Pte Ltd in Singapore, co organized by Huoxin Media, as well as organized by ETERNITY FOUNDATION LTD in Thailand and S-RISING Planet Rising Global Operations. Multiple institutions and media have also contributed to the promotion of this conference. The gathering of these institutions has injected strong momentum into the conference, providing attendees with a broad platform for ideological collision, experience sharing, and exploration of the future. As the organizer, S-RISING, with its profound accumulation in the field of technology and extensive influence, has provided a solid guarantee for the successful hosting of the conference, highlighting the strong interest and high expectations of the global blockchain industry in Asia, especially Thailand. At that time, over a hundred elites, well-known entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, ecological partners, investment institutions, and media representatives from various industries will gather together to discuss industry development opportunities, exchange views, share innovation experiences, and witness the power of business innovation.

The 2024 Scarlet Ball Rise S-RISING AI Game Public Chain News Conference is about to be grandly held


The research and development of S-RISING originated from realizing the monetization of traffic economy and emotional economy.

After the first blockchain based game “Ethereum Cat” encryption frenzy, S-RISING’s Singapore startup team quickly noticed that GameFi will become a new gaming hotspot for the younger generation. Therefore, in 2019, the S-RISING team began the research and development of the blockchain public chain, obtaining an investment of $10 million from Quantum Asset Management Pte Ltd and becoming an incubation project for the Bplus Singapore incubation platform.

About the Rise of the Scarlet Globe

Scarlet Ball Rise is the first game developed on chain by S-RISING based on the game IP “Scarlet Ball Rise”. It aims to build a phenomenon level social chain game that integrates digital art, metaverse, trendy culture, and emerging chain games. Through unique game design, P2E model, and support from global partners, it provides a fascinating gaming world for global users, fully satisfying their emotional and economic value.

The rise of Scarlet Ball has established branch models such as Scarlet Ball Wars and NFT mining, achieving perfect integration of DeFi, NFT, and games. The rise of Scarlet Globe presents financial products in a gaming format, gamifying DeFi applications, and building a unique GameFi system through the perfect combination of DeFi, NFT, and games. Through revenue aggregators, computing power mining, and ecological products such as NFTs+DeFi+games, it provides users with a rich investment and entertainment experience.

The 2024 Scarlet Ball Rise S-RISING AI Game Public Chain News Conference is about to be grandly held

This press conference will gather representatives of global Internet giants, listed companies, investment institutions and Web3.0 ecological projects to make an appearance, aiming to create the world’s largest and most influential industry press conference in 2024. Let everyone have zero distance exposure to the most creative and imaginative pioneers in the industry, engage in cross-border exchanges and discuss innovation with outstanding representatives, financial institutions, and well-known enterprises, and explore the driving force of the next digital economy for the market.

With the increasing awareness of the applicability and availability of blockchain technology, people are carrying out research and implementation of blockchain underlying core technologies, on chain applications, and scenario landing with great enthusiasm. Especially with the rise and integration of DeFi, NFT, GameFi, AI, and metaverse concepts, blockchain technology has more possibilities for implementation.

The combination of blockchain technology, token economy, and gaming has created a new gaming experience: in the new economic cycle, the intrinsic value represented by equity, the revenue value represented by tokens, and the subjective value brought by decision-making power are interconnected, combined with rich gaming gameplay and incentive mechanisms, which can form a healthy ecosystem.

The wind is blowing in Bangkok, and a transformation leading the digital economy is brewing in the East. This is not only a consensus event belonging to S-RISING, but also a window of opportunity for everyone. Consensus makers from the entire industry gather here, and diverse values in the new era intersect here, witnessing the magnificent rise of S-RISING.


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