Gswap is about to start, supporting cross-chain transactions and multi-scenario applications

The Gswap decentralized application will be officially launched in early March 2022, and the Chinese language entrance will also be opened at the same time.

In 2019, PIaytika announced its entry into the blockchain industry and began to conduct research work in the blockchain industry. In May 2020, PIaytika began to deploy the metaverse industry and digitally upgrade the existing industry.

Gswap is a decentralized application based on the PK digital ecological wallet on the GS smart ecological chain developed by PIaytika & MET FX. It is planned to run in early March 2022. Its token GS will also be launched simultaneously.

The output hard top is set for the total output of GS , the output hard top is:200 million, which will eventually be deflated to 20 million pieces of GS through Coin Burning.

Gswap is about to start, supporting cross-chain transactions and multi-scenario applications

Gswap is a liquidity protocol running on the GS Smart Ecological Chain, that is, a set of contracts deployed to the GS network, and all transactions are carried out on the chain. Gswap supports the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocols of BSC and TRON. It aims to integrate the advantages of multiple chains, create a high-performance composite ecology, and maximize the rewards for participants with the “Dual Mining Incentive” of liquidity mining and transaction mining, and realize a self-driven value capture ecological closed loop through the transaction fee repurchase and the destruction mechanism.

Gswap adopts a transaction protocol based on the exchange pool, and relies on the automatic market maker model to realize the exchange. In Gswap, users can execute token contract release with one click, freely define transaction computing power rules, and provide developers with better intelligent and simplified compilation tools.

This move is expected to break the solidification operation of the original decentralized applications and directly promote the rapid entry of the blockchain into the web 3.0 era.

According to official internal information, the construction of the main network of the Gs Smart Ecological Chain will enter the experimental stage in June 2022! Various applications based on the GS intelligent ecological chain will also be implemented one by one.





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