SoftBank & WE Metaverse join hands to create a new ecosystem for the chain gaming industry

WE Metaverse officially announced that it has completed a new round of financing. This round of investment was led by SoftBank Asia, with Venus Acquisition Corp., Greencity Acquisition Corp., Golden Path Acquisition Corp., and other institutions participating in the investment and formally reached a strategic partnership. The two parties expressed their beautiful expectations for the future development of the Metaverse Ecosystem. SoftBank is a 2021 Forbes Global 2000 company and has a majority stake in more than 300 major IT companies in the world. It continues to invest in the layout of the meta-universe track, and jointly explore new chain game methods with WE Metaverse, activating and enriching the GameFi market, for The new Metaverse economy contributes.

SoftBank & WE Metaverse join hands to create a new ecosystem for the chain gaming industry

In an interview, the official WE Metaverse spokesperson said that the funds will continue to be used for the core technology research and development of WE Metaverse chain games, improve the Play to Earn ecosystem, expand the scale of community players, optimize the assets owned by the community, and enable players to reap the highest returns.

WE Metaverse and SoftBank Asia share the same vision, which is to bring players into Metaverse through the Play to Earn game mode. They will create content and economic activities together in the game, thereby enhancing the vitality of the Metaverse system, and jointly building the largest virtual world economy, that has a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people in the world.

The head of SoftBank Asia Investment said: “I am very happy to cooperate with WE Metaverse. We have a common vision. I believe WE Metaverse will become one of the most influential and successful Metaverse projects in the blockchain industry. We hope This kind of partnership will allow WE Metaverse to expand the size of its community, while also providing its players with interesting and attractive chain games.”

WE Metaverse is the first full 3D mode chain game built on BSC by WE, in which WE Metaverse integrates GameFi, DeFi, SocialFi, NFT and DAO, and other modes and gameplay, and is committed to creating rich immersion for players Style gaming experience.

SoftBank & WE Metaverse join hands to create a new ecosystem for the chain gaming industry

Although the core of WE Metaverse is still “Play to Earn”, it is different from the gold-making mode that only focuses on “Earn” and lacks “Play” experience in the market. The WE Metaverse game team not only presents users with beautiful and vivid game characters, Virtual full 3D mode game scenes. In addition, the international superstars, top brands, and various real-life concerts and film festivals familiar to users, in reality, will appear in WE Metaverse one after another, truly realizing the “Play to Earn” in “Play to Earn”.

In addition, due to WE Metaverse’s MMORPG game attributes, it brings players a strong meta-universe social experience. Players can freely switch game characters to get different social situations in different situations and meanwhile can obtain additional benefits.

SoftBank & WE Metaverse join hands to create a new ecosystem for the chain gaming industry

SoftBank Ventures Asia (SoftBank Ventures Asia) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp., committed to increasing early-stage investments globally. The company was established in 2000 and initially focused on the Asian market. Since 2011, it has continued to expand its business and now covers global technology companies. SoftBank Asia Ventures has more than $1 billion in funds under management, focusing on companies with great potential in the fields of artificial intelligence, games, and robotics.

SoftBank Asia’s high-profile entry into the chain travel field means that it provides a credit endorsement for this emerging market, breaking the previous expectations that many people believed that chain travel is just a flash in the pan. The fundamental reason for Softbank’s investment in WE Metaverse is that there are many opportunities in the growing market of chain games.

Since 2020, as the new crown epidemic has spread globally, causing extensive damage to the world economy, the global video game industry is still booming. The demand for social interaction among people living at home has increased, and games have provided them with a fascinating pastime. Relevant data show that since the epidemic, people’s time to play games and game sales have increased tremendously. Phenomenal GameFi games based on blockchain technology have come out of the circle with the birth of Crypto Kitties, and the popularity and application of DeFi and NFT. They have extraordinary performance, constantly breaking through traditional game industry gameplay, and have become the focus of the market.

The traditional Free-To-Play game mode has been unable to meet the higher-level pursuits of players, and the Play-To-Earn game mode has opened a new round of journey and battlefront of the game industry in the blockchain world, with native digital genes. The game field and the blockchain naturally “coincide”. Because of its rapid user fission, it is also considered to be the fastest field and an important tipping point for the blockchain. The most eye-catching one is covering DeFi and NFT. GameFi integrates the three games. According to DappRadar statistics, on April 18, 2021, the number of transactions in the chain game sector reached US$480.7 billion. The number of chain game players has gradually increased. As of October 7th, it exceeded 1.33 million, an increase of more than 290 times compared to the beginning of the year.

Although “blockchain + games” has a short development history, it has also experienced the 1.0 era represented by DAPP games and gambling games, the 2.0 era with Play-To-Earn as the core of the new economic model, and the blockchain + The GameFi era of DeFi+NFT+meta universe. GameFi, namely Game+Finance. However, the development of GameFi so far is not only “Game+Finance”, but more “Game+DeFi”. Even with the development of technology, people continue to incorporate concepts such as mining, NFT, and meta-universe into GameFi. Greatly promoted the ecological development of GameFi.

The three carriages that promote the development of chain games are mainly games, DeFi, and NFT. The three promote each other and at the same time integrate to show the greatest value of GameFi.

1. DeFi+ games: Promote the development of “decentralization”. DeFi provides open finance that fits the characteristics of free sharing of games and can provide financial services including transactions to help reduce game players’ creation costs and work realization costs.

2.NFT+ game: Explore deep value civilization. NFT brings to the game an indivisible and unique circulation standard based on decentralization, which means that unique NFT game assets can effectively carry their corresponding consensus and market value, and at the same time, game products belonging to players can never be used Falsified or copied or replaced or arbitrarily issued.

3.Gamefi: The inevitable result of the development of DeFi and NFT. Through games, DeFi successfully entered GameFi from TradeFi (trade finance), and then gave NFT commercial value through financial means. NFT also introduced differentiated assets based on scarcity as the standard for DeFi through games. The game supports the application value of DeFi and also gives the meaning of NFT assets. Therefore, when all purposes are gamification and scarcity management, the combination of DeFi and NFT becomes a smooth chapter, and the three rely on each other to develop in coordination.

SoftBank & WE Metaverse join hands to create a new ecosystem for the chain gaming industry


WE Metaverse integrates NFT, DeFi, and GameFi models, and completes the mission of creating value for players by developing the content and economy of virtual worlds and blockchain games. The in-depth strategic cooperation between SoftBank Asia and WE Metaverse will break the circulation barriers of traditional games, create a new full 3D mode chain game system, establish a value bridge between Metaverse assets and the real world, empower the world of Metaverse games, and let more People participate in the wave of the metaverse through WE Metaverse.

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