Lynk’s First NFT Collection ‘Finder’ Sells Out, Unveils Next Sequel Collection ‘Keeper’

Lynk's First NFT Collection 'Finder' Sells Out, Unveils Next Sequel Collection ‘Keeper’


Lynk, the SocialFi platform building a decentralised online community to accelerate the development of the Web3 economy, has achieved a resounding success with its latest NFT collection, Finder. The collection, consisting of 200 unique Finder NFTs, was sold out in less than a day, a testament to the dedication and support of Lynk’s growing community of supporters and fans.

The Finder NFT collection is a breath of fresh air in the rapidly growing NFT market, offering a unique and engaging narrative for NFT collectors and enthusiasts. The NFTs hail from the cosmic realms of the LYNKVERSE, and serve as a conduit for a new innovative mechanics in the market, Lynk-2-Earn. Members can collect and upgrade their exclusive Finder NFTs through exciting activities and even stake them for rewards, with opportunities that scale with the effort put in.

The success of the Finder NFT mint event follows the platform’s strategic move to launch on Arbitrum, a scalable, secure, and EVM-compatible layer 2 solution that has been gaining popularity in the Web3 space. This move is a reaffirmation of Lynk’s commitment to redefining the NFT industry, providing its members with greater speed, cheaper transaction fees and more flexibility when interacting with its NFT and platform.

The Finder NFT collection is now also listed on OpenSea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace, providing members with the opportunity to trade, collect and own one of the hottest commodities in the NFT scene.

Lynk ‘Keeper’ NFT Collection Launch

Lynk's First NFT Collection 'Finder' Sells Out, Unveils Next Sequel Collection ‘Keeper’4

Lynk’s roadmap promises newer and more exciting plans moving forward, with the launch of the Keeper NFT collection to be held on 8th March 2023, 12:00 UTC. Minting will take place on the Lynk platform. This is set to be Lynk’s next step in establishing its LYNKVERSE with the keepers being an indispensable element, tasked with the duty of rebuilding the ‘Sanctuary’. This is definitely an NFT collection that the community does not want to miss out on.

With its mission to utilize SocialFi and Web3 values to promote decentralization, ownership, transparency, privacy, and security, Lynk is building a robust community that can bring forth and inculcate a critical mass for Web3 adoption. The platform is creating a space that is open and accessible, allowing individuals to collaborate and build on each other’s ideas and projects to promote and facilitate the development of groundbreaking Web3 applications that can benefit users around the world.

As the NFT market continues to grow and evolve, Lynk is poised to be at the forefront of this exciting new era.

To stay updated with the progress of the project, be sure to follow the platform’s social media channels.






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