Exploit Network closes $1.5 million funding round

On March 19, Exploit Network, a multi-chain privacy payment protocol, closed a $1.5 million initial round of funding from BlockCapital, HashFund and seven other institutions and listed companies. The team plans to use the funding to hire more technical engineers to build multi-chain interoperable application scenarios.

Exploit Network is currently in its early stages and the team’s founder, Cora, was previously with DataCom, a leading IT company in New Zealand, working on network engineering architecture. Cora is also a core member of the local Auckland-based Geeks Anonymous group and has 6 years of experience in network architecture and in 2016, he was introduced to Bitcoin, which led to his interest in blockchain technology and Web 3.0 commerce.

Cora said he hopes to deploy cross-chain bridge applications on multiple blockchains to help users subsequently transfer assets to the Exploit Network.

The first public chains and Layer2 supported by Exploit Network include BSC, Fantom, Heco, Polygon, Solana, etc. After transferring assets such as ETH and BNB, users will generate EETH and EBNB on the Exploit Network network, and then they can use the anonymous transfer, payment and lending functions. Users can then use the anonymous transfer, payment and lending functions, and when they need to exchange assets to an external blockchain again, they can do so at any time via the cross-chain bridge.

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