Bringing ‘Play’ back into the play-to-earn space — Ankots of Misteria

A brand new NFT monster-battler that is looking to change the way games are played in Web3.

Bringing ‘Play’ back into the play-to-earn space — Ankots of Misteria

May 27, 2022 — The rise and widespread adoption of blockchain technology has led to some of the most barrier-breaking advancements in recent years. One of the standout examples of this came with the introduction of the Play-to-Earn gaming space which completely transformed the gaming industry for good, or so it was thought—until it was not. The tokenized economic model that was the promise of play-to-earn games worked extremely well in theory; players could play games using valuable digital assets and earn crypto and tokens in exchange for their efforts and progression. But it rarely worked as intended. In most cases, the game’s functionality will be so focused on promoting the earning aspect to the player that it would ultimately neglect the player’s gameplay experience. Ankots of Misteria, built on Polygon, is looking to bring much-needed change to the space by solving this exact issue. The way it plans to accomplish this is through a fundamental focus on gameplay, integration with uniquely replayable and strategic game mechanics and a well-adjusted tokenized ecosystem. This ensures that players no longer have to play to earn and, instead, may play and earn.


Ankots of Misteria has been built from the ground up to be a game that rewards skilled and strategic play. In order to optimally progress in the game, gain an advantage in PvP battles or increase the efficiency of earning, players must ensure internal synergy between their different NFT classes and gameplay strategy. In Ankots of Misteria, players join the game as Ankot Tamers and spend their time exploring the lands of Misteria, discovering its secrets, befriending unique and powerful Ankots and commanding them in battles for valuable gains and glory.

Bringing ‘Play’ back into the play-to-earn space — Ankots of Misteria

The game complements its steady focus on strategic gameplay with 3D graphics and powerful engine capabilities to provide players with an engaging and immersive experience as is the standard for the past decade in the traditional gaming space. Layered on top of a challenging and immersive gaming experience are various ways for players to earn tokens and assets through the game’s distinct modes that get better the more they understand and put effort into the game. Tokens that can be earned include ANKT, the project’s primary token, and LVS, its uncapped utility token, while the game’s NFTs consist of Ankots, Land and Orbs, the latter of which are powerful artefacts that grant Ankots unique abilities that can be changed in between rounds to match the player’s in-game strategy. Ankots of Misteria is built using the Polygon ecosystem, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum-based dapps. Polygon enables a smooth gaming experience for players of the game by facilitating transactions at a fast pace and with extremely low gas fees.

With the game’s development nearing its completion, Ankots of Misteria has started focusing on generating a buzz and creating brand awareness surrounding the game. As part of its extensive marketing strategy, it has appointed top influencers in different regions of the world as brand ambassadors to increase awareness before and after the launch of the game. Moreover, they have strategic partnerships with renowned guilds in the regions of Southeast Asia, Latin America and Europe. AoM also hosts community-focused events, both online and offline, to improve the engagement and interaction among its community channels.

 Bringing ‘Play’ back into the play-to-earn space — Ankots of Misteria

Along with the Polygon network, Ankots of Misteria has also formed strategic partnerships with a number of major players in the market. Some of these include Polygon Studios for marketing and investment-related purposes; CertiK, a security blockchain for smart contract auditing purposes; PlanckX, a next-generation game-asset-trading platform to assist Ankots of Misteria in marketing and guild purposes; and Huawei Cloud that will be providing the technical infrastructure for Ankots of Misteria. These partnerships with leading and renowned brands will boost AoM’s marketing and provide ample exposure to achieve new milestones and goals.


Ankots of Misteria is currently in the final stages of securing funding and investments from a selection of renowned VC firms and private investors. Furthermore, they are planning to close their seed round in the coming weeks. On the tech side of things, the game is currently undergoing the final stages of internal testing and will be ready for closed beta launch on an unspecified date in the coming months.







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