HyBriid 2.0: the Key Force in the Fintoch Ecosystem

From Crypto bridges drains to centralized exchange hacks, the field of Crypto is a “dark forest”.

To set a foot in this game not only requires people to be extremely cautious, but also unfortunately, still asks the users to trust the platform that they are interacting with.


In 2020 DeFi summer, we’ve witnessed how the decentralized finance platform boomed. The total value locked into the protocols soared from $700M to $15B since the start of year.


Yet compared to the volume of traditional financial institutions, DeFi is still a niche market. We have been talking about mass adoption for a long time. So when will the DeFi 2.0 finally arrive and onboard more key players?


Fintoch is a blockchain financial platform, where it provides lending, investment, and borrowing financial services. Founded in April 2022, Fintoch aims to become a new paradigm of decentralized finance by breaking down the barriers for mass adoption.


Speaking of the core technology that supports the Fintoch ecosystem, HyBriid deserves the spotlight. HyBriid technology brings a new technological breakthrough for transaction security, which solves the biggest bottleneck issue of the current DeFi development.

HyBriid 2.0: the Key Force in the Fintoch Ecosystem

Before diving into the key aspects of HyBriid, there’s something important to know about how the current approach to digital assets custody. Usually a cypto custodian is not responsible for the direct storage of user fund but rather gatekeeps the user’s private key. According to The Block Research, the three major approaches to fund protection are hardware security modules (HSMs), Multiparty Computation; Multi-signature technology.

The key innovation of Fintoch’s fund protection strategy is to combine multi-signature with zero-knowledge proof.


Let’s put this in scenario. For example, whenever a FINTOCH user wants to borrow money, the system will randomly select 10 nodes from 100 anonymous supervisory nodes to jointly generate a supervisory secret key by using zero-knowledge proof cryptography and create a special multi-signature lending contract wallet with the borrower and the platform.


The lending contract wallet requires two out of the three parties to provide the secret key authorization for funds access. These three parties consist of the borrower, the platform, and the supervisory node, which must jointly follow the agreement to use the funds. According to the rules of the agreement, if you want to cheat or commit fraud jointly, you will need all 10 supervisory nodes to know the borrower, and the probability of doing so is zero, which is impossible to cheat jointly.


At the end of November, HyBriid has gone through a successful upgrade into HyBriid 2.0. The daily lending interest for 1 day and 7 day lending cycle are 2.5% and 2%. And HyBriid supports more trading pairs and higher leverage lending rate.


Fintoch will follow its roadmap to continue advancing its core technology while expanding its global community through roadshows.


The head of development emphasized “Security is really a prerequisite for mass adoption and scalability, and if you do it wrong, if you compromise on security or you compromise on governance, you’re fundamentally putting users, communities and your brand at risk. Of course, in this piece of security, I am confident enough to ensure that FINTOCH’s Hybriid blockchain security technology can protect users’ assets well.”


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