2022 dark horse project Tech-Finger launched, released white paper 1.0, global fervor to look forward to, the strength of the giant to lead the future!


Tech-Finger is the world’s first open platform of web3.0 game ecology built through AI concept, allowing developers to launch game products and rely on the platform resources to launch massive playable and safe blockchain games, becoming the basic platform of blockchain game world and serving game parties and players.

As the Web 3.0 era kicks off, its important proposition is to break the barriers of the Internet giants and eliminate the barriers in the Internet. The emergence of Web3 provides an important opportunity for brands to play a more decisive role in creating their own scenarios, whether online or in collaboration with them.

AI (artificial intelligence) is the simulation of human intelligence. It is typically a computer or a system designed to sense the environment, understand behavior, and take action. McKinsey estimates that the global economic value of AI will be as high as $13 trillion by 2030. That’s because the engineering aspects of almost every industry and even every application area are being transformed by the AI wave.

Since the 1950s, the game has been an important testing ground for AI, with computer scientists developing the first automated chess players to evaluate AI performance. The “Deep Blue” computer behind the sensational game of chess in the 1990s was an artificial intelligence system that specialized in chess play.

Tech-Finger is a witness and pioneer of the era. As the first to release white paper 1.0, Tech-Finger is the world’s first open platform of web3.0 game ecology built by AI concept, allowing developers to launch game products and relying on the platform resources to launch massive blockchain games with high playability and security, becoming the basic platform of the blockchain game world and serving game parties and players.

Tech-Finger generative AI model can assist in creating large-scale game assets in a Web 3.0 environment, including avatars, equipment, vehicles and artifacts, etc. It is capable of generating creative assets and content from textual descriptions; and can build the context of the created assets within certain parameters, such as prop strength statistics, character attributes or lore. Tech-Finger utilizes AI-based virtual “mirrors” as assets for in-game characters, and FTI assets are fully interoperable within each game, ensuring that asset holders can use them to address new challenges when the game goes live.

These personas can be tokenized and recorded on the blockchain, and their owners can also customize their personalities and train their intelligence, and trade and use them between various other Dapps. These interactive personas present many application scenarios, including digital twins (virtual models designed to reflect physical objects), digital guides, digital companions, virtual assistants, and AI non-player characters (NPCs).

Dario, the leader, was an early core member of ChatGpt and led a team of professionals to develop the SuperANT AI bot, which is able to connect the relationship between the game, trading platform and players for one-click hosting and automatic revenue. This allows players to trade games more easily for arbitrage and maximize profits.

Meanwhile, the white paper 1.0 also reveals the design principle, revolutionary advantages, ecological structure, technical architecture, incentive policies and future plans of Tech-Finger, and a series of pioneering contents that have attracted global buzz and attention.

In the future, we will witness together that Tech-Finger, through the concept of AI and web 3.0, will create a truly immersive virtual space for global gamers, provide an open gaming platform for global game developers, and set a brand new benchmark for the development of the entire gaming industry!