Lynk Announces Launch on Arbitrum to Bolster its Decentralized Network

Lynk Announces Launch on Arbitrum to Bolster its Decentralized Network


Lynk, the SocialFi platform leveraging the power of its community and users to accelerate the development of the Web3 economy, has been making waves in the space with its latest announcement on its launch and development on Arbitrum.

With a vision to create the largest user-owned community of brilliant minds building the next iteration of the Internet, Lynk seeks to provide a platform that empowers and supports everyone – developers, entrepreneurs, and users within the space with the tools and resources they need to succeed in a Web3 world.

The platform intends to work on building decentralized technological innovations for its fast-growing community, and sees Arbitrum as the best way to achieve this goal.

Arbitrum has been gaining popularity as a scalable, secure, and EVM-compatible layer 2 solution, with its dominance continuing to grow in 2023 with record high transaction volume and number of unique addresses. With its ability to increase Ethereum transaction throughput, Arbitrum utilizes highly effective rollup technology to reduce transaction costs while also reducing the strain on the Ethereum network. It is also home to some top projects including GMX, Vesta Finance, and ZyberSwap.

This strategic move will provide Lynk with immense value, offering users of the SocialFi platform a seamless experience for fast and cost-effective transactions. The integration will also allow Lynk to scale its user base and provide a more robust infrastructure for its ecosystem.

Lynk Finder NFT Mint Launch Event

To become a part of this community, members have to mint a Finder or Keeper NFT.

The first mint launch event for Lynk Finder NFT Collection has been announced for 1 March 12:00 UTC, and it is expected to be a game-changer.

With a unique storytelling narrative, the mint event is set to welcome community members to Lynkverse, a fascinating world of the Finder and Keeper NFTs with their unique Lynk-2-Earn mechanism. At Lynk, members can create networks, form meaningful connections, and manifest their potential in a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Members can also collect and upgrade their NFTs through a series of activities, and even stake them for rewards.

The team also intends to deploy significant resources into growing the platform, and its 2023 roadmap includes several launches aimed at supporting the community and driving engagements. Lynk Chat, a decentralized peer-to-peer instant messaging service will allow users to communicate with one another securely through end-to-end user encryption, and LYNK Feed, a social media feed within the dApp will allow members to share content and view the latest updates from their connections.

Some users have referred to Lynk as the successor of Status, a crypto wallet and decentralized messaging app built on Ethereum, bringing together the best features of existing social media platforms in a decentralized environment.

Lynk will be a project to watch in the Arbitrum ecosystem in the coming months, as it promises to bring a new level of innovation to the world of SocialFi. The combination of Lynk’s community-driven approach and Arbitrum’s scalable infrastructure looks set to drive the growth and adoption of the Web3 economy.

To stay updated on the progress of the project and future events, be sure to follow Lynk’s social media channels.





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