YGG promotes the popular Gamefi-Promised Land, helping GameFi to explode again!

The GameFi industry has been in the limelight from the rise of the wind to the calming down of the industry. Under the constraints of policy, market and technology, GameFi has gradually turned from hot to calm, and the topic is not as popular as before.


However, this brief period of calm has been broken again with the emergence of a chain game called Promised Land, and the GameFi industry is heating up and looking like it’s going to explode again!


How Promised Land cheers up the GameFi industry boom

Promised Land is an immersive chain game with delicate UI, detailed modelling, and a blend of RTGS + RPG + cultivating in its gameplay, giving the game a high quality experience while also giving players a full-on gaming experience.


In order to shape the playability of the game and stimulate players’ desire to explore the Gamefi, Promised Land carves out a huge Gamefi worldview, linking multiple gameplay modes and infinitely extending the boundaries of the Gamefi ecosystem.


One common problem for most of GameFi projects is the lack of entertainment and the emphasis on speculation, resulting in Gamefi  ecosystem full speculative players. The core of the problem is that these Gamefi projects ignore the entertainment and sustainability. Speculators maximise project revenue, making it expensive for new players to participate in the game and lacking a long-term sustainable goal.


Promised Land is keenly aware of this issue and has found a balance between game entertainment and game sustainability, achieving a balance between the two and attracting players to keep playing while generating significant eco-income through the Gamefi ecosystem.


-Light entertainment, low barrier

Promised Land offers players a grand world view, drawing them into a ‘mysterious world’ of unknowns, and once they are in, Promised Land offers more of a ‘cultivating and explore’ kind of gameplay, satisfying the player’s desire to explore. ” With the world view as a guide, and the deliciated UI modeling to create a new “light entertainment”, players can both have fun and earn a considerable “P2E income”.



-Focus on social, reinforce strategy

The “light entertainment approach” brings the player’s experience straight to the top, while Promised Land opens up strategy and social gameplay for players, further pushing up the player experience threshold.


The built-in legion system establishes a sense of belonging for players, allowing them to use their legion network as the centre of a circle to open up the freedom of SocialFi interaction, while the strategic competition and leaderboard system allows players to enjoy the fun of “fighting with others” through a reasonable strategic configuration.


Promised Land’s “light and reinforced” approach will certainly attract more players to stay, and then through the Promised Land chain game mechanism to bring players continuous income, enhance player attachment, and finally create a balanced Metaverse ecology that integrates cultivating, combat, and social interaction to achieve a perfect blend of entertainment and income. These are just the tip of the iceberg of Promised Land. Promised Land has the most important ace that has cheered up the GameFi industry: it is respected by YGG!


YGG  the GameFi throne

YGG, known as Yield Guild Games, is a DAO-governed guild, consisting of tens of thousands of chain game players with increasing numbers, and some people once jokingly said: YGG represents the absolute power of the Gamefi industry.


Why do you say that? Because GameFi’s ace – Axie infinity is promoted by the YGG, leading the GameFi industry hotspots and performing many wealth-making miracles.


The fact that Promised Land has been chosen by YGG and has established a partnership with them proves that Promised Land is substantial in its own right.


Soft power + hard strength, Promised Land creates a new paradigm of chain tour

Promised Land’s hard and soft strengths, a solid Gamefi ecosystem internally and strong partners externally, Promised Land has come up with its own solution for the GameFi industry, solving the “core problems” that have plagued the GameFi industry for a long time, and creating a sustainable value system with a more advanced ecological presentation and more completed game thoughts. Promised Land has created a sustainable value system, truly showing the Gamefi as it should be, and helping the GameFi industry to usher in a long-awaited boom.


With the follow-up of every aspect of Promised Land’s planning, and with the rekindled flame of GameFi, let’s look forward to Promised Land’s performance in the historical stage!