Devoted in charity, Fintoch sponsored Miss & Mister Deaf Universum


When it comes to beauty pageants, what kind of images come to mind? Is it the image of good-looking, beautiful women lined up in a row, taking turns to make a speech about world peace, or is it the crowded bikini display where the contestants try to win the audience’s favor? The 2022 Miss & Mister Deaf Universum, sponsored by Fintoch and other companies, will turn your perceptions upside down.


Devoted in charity, Fintoch sponsored Miss & Mister Deaf Universum


With international awareness of equal rights on the rise, the influential Mr./Miss Deaf Universum continues to be held with great enthusiasm this year. Unlike other beauty pageants, the Mr/Miss Deaf Deaf Universum is the most “quiet” contest. Although the contestants who are deaf and mute cannot give speeches like what we are used to, they can use an alternative way to gain attention and express themselves in the most profound ways.


The Mr. and Miss Deaf Universum contestants are as elegant and stunning as the ones in traditional beauty contests. The contestants from different countries put their best efforts to present their own cultural characteristics, and the competition was a spectacular event.



Behind such a wonderful event, in addition to the organizer’s dedication to planning, there is also the support of global companies. Among the sponsors of this year’s event, Fintoch, a new technology start-up company from the United States, was present. It is understood that Fintoch is the dark horse of crypto technology that has emerged in recent years. Through the breakthrough of cutting-edge encryption technology, Fintoch has developed a new security technology called “HyBriid”, which enables users to participate in financial activities in a safer and more convenient way, realizing the brand concept of “Touching Finance, Enjoying Finance”.

Devoted in charity, Fintoch sponsored Miss & Mister Deaf Universum

With the crypto market undergoing huge changes, security concern has always become the major focus in recent years. This has made Fintoch a promising company for the industry to concentrate on. In addition to its innovative DeFi platform, Fintoch has also invested resources in developing a new financial public chain. According to industry experts, Fintoch’s financial public chain will natively support cross-chain and payment functions and is expected to advance related technologies to a new generation and become a new benchmark for DeFi 2.0.


The development of technology has nothing to do with deafness or congenital disabilities. Fintoch’s sponsorship of the Miss & Mister Deaf Universum Beauty Pageant is just to prove this point to the world whereby discrimination will hinder the progress of the world and Fintoch is committed to making the world more progressive and technologically advanced.

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