NFT+GameFi+Metaverse, the first space-based SLG chain game

Once young, we also looked up at the stars, in the face of the vastness of the Milky Way, into meditation and fantasy. And we are looking forward to travel and experience ourselves one day in the future.

 With the advent of the metaverse, this idea may become a reality.  

Recently, Crypto Fans Meeting, a one-stop digital collectibles trading platform, announced the launch of its first metavesa game to run on blockchain: “Murphy”.

NFT+GameFi+Metaverse, the first space-based SLG chain game


Murphy built a vast virtual space world on BSC. Murphy aims to combine blockchain, NFT, metacosm and space game themes around collectibles, games, and finance to create a metaverse-ecology that is in line with the current development of NFT-DeFi.

In addition to exploring the wonderful metaverse world in Murphy, players can participate in the game in the play-to-Earn way.  

 The Philippines has benefited from the recent boom in Axie Infinity’s Play-to-Earn model, which added more than $780 million in third-quarter revenue, with the sequential growth of over 4800 percent from a year earlier, besides, the number of active players rising to more than 2 million from 38,000 in April.

Axie’s success has created a play-while-earn mode. From buying to selling pets and their derivative rewards, the entire process relies on encrypted assets. The network Ethereum and its chain assets on which the game is based become an integral part of it.

Murphy absorbs the essence of such mode, and the game’s “explorers” can get “MP” (Murphy’s native token) by obtaining a blind box and then obtaining NFT cards of different ethnics.

 NFT+GameFi+Metaverse, the first space-based SLG chain game

 Each NFT card has an MLoot lock, allowing players to unlock their own MLoot in arenas and matchplay to get different properties. NFT card holders can continue to receive dividends from the game, this design helps strengthening connection between different links.

 “Starship Troopers” (PlayGame game in Murphy) allows users to create heroes of different races and select different fleets to explore space, team up their heroes and NFT to complete several missions, defeat enemies in space, participate in planet development and other ways to get “MP” rewards.

NFT+GameFi+Metaverse, the first space-based SLG chain game


 In addition, the game store will sell a wealth of props, players can pay MP to buy laser swords, electromagnetic guns, alloy armor and other equipment, so as to provide hero characters with combat effectiveness and give special skills;

Players can also buy precious ship cards and building cards, which all require the consumption of a large number of MPs, which will greatly enhance the demand and circulation of MPs.  

 Murphy built the prototype of Murphy’s metaverse by combining NFT with the Token incentive system in the blockchain to create a complete economic system that opens up economic barriers in the virtual and real worlds.

 In addition, the spirit of “decentralization” is part of the current Internet and cryptocurrency culture, and the emergence of DAO has greatly contributed to the wave of cryptocurrencies in 2020.  

In Murphy, players can get a Leader Card (Murphy’s top NFT card) at auction, and players with a Leader Card can make proposals in the Supreme Council, a unique right, in addition to the various benefits of the game. It is also a major innovation for Murphy to combine NFT and DAO governance. 

 The League One recently announced Murphy as the league’s first co-game. There is reason to believe that Murphy will be the most anticipated chain-link event on the BSC.  

 In the vast universe, no matter how powerful civilization is, it is only a grain of dust in the universe. When we look back at the development of civilization, civilization always lurches under the baptism of blood and fire, and all civilization inevitably plagues around for their own reproduction.  

 Competition for limited resources and the encounter of civilizations have always been fueling wars.

Come on, join Murphy!





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