SoulSwap off the central chain on the trading platform shocked the attack, grand online press conference

Recently, SoulSwap, a decentralized financial data aggregation platform initiated by the Soul Blockchain Lab in the United States and developed by the world’s top Silicon Valley technical team, is about to be launched shockingly. As a platform based on decentralization and with core underlying technology, SoulSwap is achieving rapid fission with the exclusive “coin mining + computing power mining + promotion mining” model.

The SoulSwap team held a grand press conference today, announcing that SoulSwap, a digital asset trading platform with a decentralized operation model, will be launched soon, which has aroused strong responses from the global market. Users all over the world are looking forward to SoulSwap’s decentralized trading platform to bring us different surprises.



At the press conference, the Soulswap team stated, “Our goal is to build a new digital financial system, surpass Ethereum, create the next generation of high TPS decentralized smart contract public chain, surpass Binance, and create the next generation of global leading Digital financial integrated service platform”, from the words of the Soulswap team, we can see its ambition and confidence in the future.


This confidence may stem from Soulswap’s investment and focus on the underlying technology. From the current point of view, the underlying public chain of Soulswap exchange does have more core advantages. Adopt C++/WASM virtual machine, support DAPP application upgrade, programmable management mechanism, support two-way dynamic expansion. In addition, it also has an account system based on the Actor model, adopts a multi-signature wallet mechanism and a multi-level account system, as well as high throughput and scalability, all of which will present a user-friendly infrastructure, laying a solid foundation for a good technical accumulation.


The person in charge of SoulSwap pointed out. As far as the current situation is concerned, blockchain technology has gradually become popular in fields including digital assets, finance, payment, justice, medical care, charity, games, supply chains, and the Internet of Things. In the future, blockchain technology will continue to grow. Advance with high application dimension.




As the core link between the application of blockchain technology and the value circulation of digital assets, the exchange platform is ushering in a period of fierce competition and opportunities. In the future, the exchange form represented by DEX will be more popular in the mainstream market. Based on this, SoulSwap’s decentralized exchange on the chain “shocked.” SoulSwap is committed to building the next generation of the world’s leading digital financial integrated service platform, and building the next generation of high TPS decentralized smart contract public chain. While building a globalized and open blockchain ecosystem with blockchain smart contracts as the bottom layer, it also builds a brand new digital financial system that surpasses traditional giants such as Binance and Ethereum.


It is understood that SoulSwap is working hard to create a new business ecosystem, including SoulSwap public chain, decentralized exchange, alliance chain, privacy protection and DAPP, wallet, DEFI, browser and other blockchain applications, and SO as the value of Soulswap issuance Tokens will also be applied and circulated in global industrial chain scenarios.


In the future, Soulswap will integrate more community forces and traditional physical industry forms under the cohesion of public chains, smart contracts, tokens, and financial ecology, so that blockchain technology and digital assets will empower the digital economy to move toward a higher dimension , In this way, contribute to the development of the industry and social development and progress.

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