Light the torch of Revolution: KHC reshapes the future of decentralized Finance


Just as the name implies, it is financing of funds.

It’s an optimization method to reallocate assets across time and space after the evaluation of risk and credit, so as to achieve higher returns.

Traditional financial institutions, through credit responsibility, enable funds to flow freely around the world. In addition, it also gains huge profits from aggregating user information and monopolizing users’ daily life such as clothing, food, housing and transportation.

However, traditional financial institutions exist obvious pain point, including high payment fees, low efficiency and high cost of cross border transfer, poor interoperability of different networks, as well as the hidden dangers of security and privacy under the operation mode of centralized institutions, which makes a lot of practitioners explore the solutions urgently.

The essence of finance is credit, whether it is the pawnshop of commercial banks thousands of years ago or the Stock Exchange today.

As technology advances, the formation of finance is undergoing changes that haven’t been seen for thousands of years.

KHC’s characteristics of decentralisation, openness, transparency, traceability and tamper proof bring innovative reference to the reform of payment industry.

KHC is a safe, transparent and professional decentralized commercial public chain, which provides decentralized digital currency consumption, investment, entertainment, payment, reception, games and other system solutions for global businesses.

It fits in with the decentralized trust mechanism of DeFi and opens up a new imagination of financial application.

KHC embeds “trust” into every ecosystem process to support all parties to share transaction data and exchange value in a secure environment, which greatly improves the trust value and security of the market, also optimizes the whole ecological process.

In the KHC ecosystem, users, merchants, consumers, developers and relevant operation teams can enjoy the benefits of a more open, fairer and lower cost decentralized financial ecosystem.

Meanwhile, KHC ecology has established partnerships with many traditional financial industries and blockchain enterprises, such as banks, centralized payment enterprises, blockchain technology teams etc.

KHC’s exploration of the financial industry is also in full swing, actively promoting the development of related industries.

The emergency of DeFi means that the era of digital economy is coming. Technology with blockchain as the core will change the business model and development pattern of the financial industry.

The financial revolution has arrived, the ecological concept of KHC will have broad development prospects. With the idea of connecting the decentralized ecology and the centralized world by DeFi technology, KHC will help build a better open financial future, and it will be a new great start!

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