• Dragon Mainland —— new star of GameFi field/industry that leads NFT game ecology, Official launch of Genesis Eggs

    ​2021 is known as the first year of NFT. Axie Infinity started the NFT and GameFi wave on this summer. Since then, P2E games with NFT as its core asset have occupied the market rapidly and NFT encryption game has entered a high-speed development stage. With development, Axie’s bubble problem begin to emerge. Due to the lack of a good token closed-loop and deflation mechanism, the players’ income can not be guaranteed, which makes the whole blockchain game play criticized and limits its own development. At the same time, game…

  • Ratings of 5 blockchain games. SAVIOR is the most anticipated.

    1. SAVIOR Introduction SAVIOR is the first game in Lemniscate metaverse. It is a game about adventure, exploration, and construction in the interstellar background. All the characters, game sets, background, plots are carefully designed and crafted. It is very enjoyable and highly playable. In the meantime, SAVIOR has a multiple-NFTs, dual-tokens economic model. The unique gaming economic system makes it even more attractive. It took a group of international game designers 2 years and cost nearly 15 million dollars to create this game. It is said that the first character donator was…

  • The First NFT issued by the Li-Ning “Way of Wade” Designer , Achieved Final Transaction Price of USD$174,458 ,Drives New Trends of Sports NFT

    Designer of the Li-Ning “Way of Wade” created NFT (Wizard Shop in ESSENCE), Had an Auction on Poly International Auction with the Final Transaction Price of RMB 1,127,000(USD$174,458) at Sep 26. The Surrealistic NFT Work of the Magic World under the “Essence” Series, released by Designer of the Li-Ning “Way of Wade” Big Joe, has successfully completed the NFT debut at Poly Auction and achieved great success, drives new trend of sports NFT.  It is worth mentioning that the NFT work titled Wizard Shop in ESSENCE displayed at the Poly auction…

  • Axie Infinity’s single-day revenue broke tens of millions! Why do I prefer the new Dragon Mainland

    According to Token Terminal data of data statistics company: Axie Infinity’s one-day revenue was $18.48 million, its monthly revenue was $334 million, and its market value reached $4 billion within 3 months. Its ecological token AXS also rose 46 times in just 3 months, from about 2 USDT in June to the highest 94.8 USDT. Axie Infinity is taking the spotlight. According to the latest data from Coingecko, AXS is currently worth around 66 USDT and is still going up. The popularity of AXIE has undoubtedly opened up a good traffic portal for the game…

  • Dubbed the Next Unicorn, zkTube Launches its Mainnet

    zkTube is the most advanced scaling solution on Ethereum Layer 2. It has adopted ZK-Rollups that run computations off-chain and submit the validity proof to chain to provide low gas fees, higher transaction throughput for Ethereum, mainnet security, and extra privacy. It has gathered a lot of attention from over 80 countries since its launch in 2020.  And the mainnet will be launched on 10th, September, 2021. zkTube Mining Mechanism is Launched zkTube team is continuously working and achieving several milestones. The zkTube mining mechanism has launched. zkTube is the only…

  • OEC (OKEXChain)’s first NFT asset aggregation platform Dematrix will be launched on the mainnet soon

    The official opening of the third phase of OKEXChain has opened a new era of DeFi ecology, which is good news for everyone in the blockchain world. OKExChain is the world’s first transaction chain-a blockchain technology infrastructure built for transactions. Through the development of “blockchain middleware” and operational support for transaction scenarios, it reduces the development costs of application developers and improves users’ Trading experience. As an open public chain ecology, anyone can campaign to become an OKExChain super node, or they can issue their own digital assets, create their…

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  • The continuation of the spirit of “Mamba”: the fantastic idea when KB Token collides with the meta universe

    What would it be like if everything in real life was moved into the virtual world? What would it be like if the idol we share in our hearts were reproduced in the virtual world? The end of life is not death, but forgotten, unwilling people, please don’t stop missing. Kobe Bryant, a pronoun of tenacity, love, optimism, meaninglessness and discipline, the belief in him is the reason why we can’t let go of him, and it is also the foundation of our eternal relationship with him.   So here…

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  • MSA DAO Committee launches preparations to build a global win-win eco-community

    Recently, Meta Space Alliance (MSA, Chinese translation: 元宇宙空间联盟) released an announcement to announce the official launch of the decentralized organization MSA DAO. It also opens preparations for the building of the MSA DAO committee. This is another milestone event after the inclusion of Turing Lab into the Alliance’s ecosystem this year, heralding the growth and improvement of MSA’s global ecosystem. A decentralised organisation (DAO) is an effective form of organisation that can operate autonomously today in response to an uncertain, diverse and complex environment by publishing smart contracts on the chain…

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  • IPFS Mining Tides, MEM Middle East Mining will build one of the world’s largest information storage service industrial parks

    According to the Middle East News Agency, nine consortia including Saudi Sidra Capital, Olayan, Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund and UAE real estate company Al Ain Properties have jointly created a MEM-IPFS storage service industrial park, which can be called one of the world’s largest information storage service industrial parks.   It is understood that MEM Middle East Mining was jointly built by nine consortia including Saudi Sidra Capital, Olayaan, Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund, and UAE real estate company Al Ain Properties, with a total investment of US$800 million…

  • Sorare will launch on PancakeSwap at 12:00 UTC on May 19th, 2021

    According to the latest official news, sorare community, a $50 million NFT platform for digital football, will release its token sorare and launch pancakeswap at 12:00 UTC on May 19th, 2021. According to the community, the government has been contacted to plan the follow-up application of the token. In addition, five members of a football club have been invited to live the interaction. Contract address: 0x5463f3cb2839cb46e6df6e9bb4386688e5b3eda twitter:@SorarePR ​Telegram:t.me/Sorare_ Exclusive

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