Guild Master Recruitment Event for MosaicFantasy (3A card game on chain)

MosaicFantasy is a decentralized 3A card game with technical underpinning support for cross-chain and compatibility with zk-snarks. It is dedicated to combining the rich playability of traditional games with the economic model of on-chain P2E to bring a better experience to players.

Currently, MosaicFantasy APP is also currently trying to establish its access to Google Play and App store, hoping to drive more users into the web3 world. In the future, MosaicFantasy APP will become the entrance-level product for users to enter the web3 game universe, and the APP ecological board will be compatible with many ecological auxiliary products including DEX, social tools, DAO management plug-ins, etc.

Guild Master Recruitment Event for MosaicFantasy (3A card game on chain)

Game Introduction

MosaicFantasy creates an independent and expandable magical world where all kinds of magical creatures with superpowers live – mosaic, players can get and upgrade mosaic by participating in exploration and progression (PVE), battle (PVP), guild system (GVG) and other ecological contributions, and get rewards, in the second phase of the game home system, player camps Melee battlefield, sprite system and other richer gameplay will be opened as well.

Mosaic has five attributes, with restraint on each other. Players can collect different Mosaic based on their needs. As an unique NFT asset, Mosaic can also be traded and transferred on chain.

More to play, more to earn

There are many ways to earn in the game such as PVE and PVP battle, hangup mode, arena ranking, hero decomposition, and NFT staking.

Guild Master Recruitment Event for MosaicFantasy (3A card game on chain)

Players can complete daily tasks in the game to get NFT fragment rewards, NFT fragments can be synthesized into a new 5-star NFT hero. Players can use NFTs to improve the their combat power, or they can choose to sell the synthesized NFT in the secondary market. Players will be rewarded with token based on their activeness and combat power.

Secondly there is also stake mining incentive, the official team will utilize 24% of the tokens in the economic model as stake rewards, players can get token rewards by stake NFT cards to earn additional profits. However stake mining rewards will decrease as the game operate, which means the earlier you participate in mining, the richer the income will be.

Here we noticed MosaicFantasy’s special early birds event, which is the in-game Guild master Rewards program. The guild master will get a certain percentage of guild members staking output (share is given by the system and this does not conflict with the interests of the guild members). Moreover, after the game is launched, the guild system will be upgraded and guild vs guild (GVG) will be launched as well. Guild members can share the rewards of GVG battles, and the instance zones of elemental BOSS challenge will be opened.

Recruit guild masters to build a prosperous ecology mutually.

Guild system is one of the main features of Mosaicfantasy, any player can use props to create a guild. Each player can only create one guild. Masters are responsible for the daily guild maintenance, the management of guild members, and leading the guild members to better experience the game.

However, the guild master can get more rewards besides the honor. According to the number of mystery boxes held and the number of staked NFTs, guilds are divided into different classes such as silver, gold, platinum and diamond. The guild master of the corresponding level will enjoy a discount when purchasing boxes, and will also receive additional rewards for the staked output of the guild members, the higher the guild level, the higher the rewards. The tokens received by the masters are given by the system and do not conflict with the interests of the players in the guild.

Depending on the guild level, number of people and battle power, the guild will generate different stake earnings and game token acquisition ability. Therefore, forming a strong guild will allow both the guild members and the master to gain more revenue.

In order to let more players experience the fun of the game, MosaicFantasy is now proposing a guild master recruitment plan to game players. The recruitment period is from June 18 to July 18, and there are only 50 places available for the first batch.

Guild Master Recruitment Event for MosaicFantasy (3A card game on chain)

We hope that partners who have some understanding of the chain game industry and have community resources can join us and work together to boost the prosperity. Different levels of guilds have different stake income, and the relevant support and rights that the guild masters get also vary because of that. If there are questions please do join our official community and sign up or contact the team.

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