World Leading Crypto Currency Exchange, CoinW, makes its debut in the popular Soccer League, La Liga

CoinW is the first Crypto exchange company which supports Spanish Football League.

RoadTown, The British Virgin Islands – CoinW, a well-known old crypto-asset exchange in the business, revealed that it is entering, the Spanish Football League, La Liga with a robust approach. On the club side, Espanyol faced Valencia on May 15th 20202, CoinW took a tumble on the sidelines of the La Liga match, allowing world fans to witness its unique brand strength in the global crypto exchange. What’s more, it is the crypto trading platform to debut in La Liga in the entire industry on the worldwide exchange!

World Leading Crypto Currency Exchange, CoinW, makes its debut in the popular Soccer League, La Liga

CoinW: The world’s  cryptocurrency trading platform. 

CoinW has been deeply involved in the crypto business for many years and is well-known as an exchange brand that debuted in La Liga. Founded in 2017, CoinW currently offers 12 localized service centers in 8 countries, giving seven million+ consumers comprehensive crypto assets services such as spot, contract, ETF, and so on. CoinW has been included in numerous world-renowned crypto ranking websites.

World Leading Crypto Currency Exchange, CoinW, makes its debut in the popular Soccer League, La Liga

Compliance and governance are critical to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries’ development, and this is also a crucial starting point for the CoinW brand’s worldwide plan. CoinW has made several steps in recent years to ensure compliance and the security of user assets. The CoinW platform has received financial regulatory licenses from MSB in the United States, MAS in Singapore, FSRA in the United Arab Emirates, and other countries and regions in the past. It just received a digital currency license from the Lithuanian Financial Authority, demonstrating that the CoinW exchange’s platform strength has been recognized by the international community and indicating CoinW’s formal advancement. It has entered the list of the ideal compliance exchanges in the industry.

World Leading Crypto Currency Exchange, CoinW, makes its debut in the popular Soccer League, La Liga

Get on CoinW, and access the gems project! 

DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and other paths have seen tremendous growth since 2021. During this time, CoinW released some high-quality crypto gem projects, including NFTB, RACA, HERO, DYDX, and BNX, most of which were initially published on the entire network and are still in the early stages. An incredible 10x or even 100x rise has been achieved, providing significant returns to platform users.


CoinW now has 304 currencies and 353 trading pairs listed, and the number is growing. According to CEO of CoinW, “CoinW will continue to dedicate itself to discovering and promoting high-quality crypto projects as emerging markets arise, allowing investors to invest in some prospective crypto gem projects as early as possible through CoinW.”

World Leading Crypto Currency Exchange, CoinW, makes its debut in the popular Soccer League, La Liga

CoinW Futures: The first in the network-wide depth of the perpetual contract. 

In addition to typical spot trading, contract goods’ generally pro qualities and function in risk management make it a vital core business for CoinW. CoinW Perpetual Swap not only offers more extensive roles, faster performance, better risk control, and a more comprehensive range of trading options than similar rival products, but it also pioneered “separate positions and combine positions” and “move to take profit.” The 6 major trading auxiliary features, product innovation, and user experience continue to refresh, leading the industry. “Stop-Loss”, “Two-way Long Position Mechanism”, “Preliminary Take Profit and Stop Loss”, “One-click Reverse” and  “One-click Closing”.


Furthermore, CoinW has always been dedicated to the creation of market depth and liquidity to provide customers with higher liquidity and a better trading experience. CoinW Futures has formed a close working partnership with crucial global market maker teams, to boost contract product trading liquidity by offering depth and lowering the bid-ask gap. CoinW’s perpetual contract products have been placed top in rankings as the best performing network in terms of depth and liquidity, which can dramatically increase investors’ trading efficiency and greatly minimize risk in extreme market situations and liquidation threats.



CoinW is currently an international brand that has effectively globalized and continues to lead the development of the crypto-asset market, thanks to its muscular product strength, innovation, and service idea of “customer first.”


CoinW intends to use this presence in La Liga to connect users, crypto enthusiasts, and sports enthusiasts from all over the world, promote the integration of crypto culture and the sports economy business, and build and expand the crypto asset ecology. CoinW also aspires to get more foreign experience and boost the global market’s development at the same time.


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