In 50,000 metaverse games, this one has the greast possibility to be the KING!

BTC was born to be the “leader” of the blockchain, but the “leader” of GAMFI has not yet been determined. With the advent of metaverse, ordinary GAMFI games are suffering an eclipse. There is no doubt that if there is a project that leads the metaverse field, it will be the king to control this arena!

Science fiction movies such as “Ready Player One”, “Free Guy”, and “The Matrix” introduce us the concept metaverse, which has been predicted by many giant technology companies to be the next BIG THING.

The term Metaverse comes from Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Avalanche.” Meta stands for transcendence, and Verse stands for the universe. “Beyond the universe” refers to the man-made virtual space that runs parallel to the real world. Different from existing online games, Metaverse can bring players a more realistic experience, allowing players to feel as if they are in a virtual world, and even unable to distinguish between the real and the virtual world. The metaverse has also been touted as the ultimate form of the Internet.

And now this virtual world is about to become reality.

With the rise of Gamafi, many projects have been launched on the market. Although it has enriched the Gamefi ecosystem to a certain extent, it has also disrupted the normal order of the industry and caused chaos. Therefore, for faster and healthy development of Gamefi ecosystem, Lemniscate has gathered cross-industry personnel from various countries to jointly develop a game (SAVIOR) that will share the magic of blockchain technology with billions of gamers around the world through SAVIOR.

Epic Lemniscate intro video:

SAVIOR is the first step of the Lemniscate metaverse plan. The production team started to work on the project in 2019, and a team of thousands of people has been assembled to continuously optimize and complete it.

When a game character designer volunteer shared her/his initial idea of a cat woman design, Lemniscate genesis community rewarded the volunteer $2,000 equivalent amount of USDT, which inspired the enthusiasm of the Genesis community. In just two years, project has finished great amount of work that would have taken others whole lot more time. The game has also cost nearly 15 million dollars in just two years. Sources revealed that this is a completely free and open game that he has never seen before. The user only needs a character NFT and a gun to fully experience all the content of the game. The picture quality is superior to any game on the market. It is not just an upgrade of the GAMEFI game, but a revolution in the entire mobile game industry.

The insider also revealed that only 10,000 players can play the game in the beginning, and subsequent characters must be generated with the initial 10,000-character NFTs, and each one of the characters is unique and special.

As is known to all that for any project, the earlier you join it, the more profit you could get. SAVIOR offers a fantastic opportunity for the first batch of gamers. But once the game has financial attributes, it must have a perfect financial ecosystem to eliminate the bubbles generated by the first batch of users.


( Blurred sample picture of character NFT)

To establish a good, healthy, and sustainable game economic model, Lemniscate will issue a variety of NFTs, such as character NFT, weapon NFT, land NFT, etc., to ensure that all players participating in the ecosystem building have the best gaming experience and maximize the value of the in-game assets. All game assets belong to the players.

Two sets of tokens will also be issued, Lemniscate (abbreviated to LMN) for governing the Lemniscate ecosystem, and SAVIOR (abbreviated to SAV) to build the SAVIOR game ecosystem.


In the Lemniscate metaverse, the attributes (appearance, game attributes, etc.) of character NFT and weapon NFT are all stored on the blockchain. The use of LMN and SAV are all executed in smart contracts. And because of its unique algorithm, high-quality game assets (character NFT, weapon NFT, land NFT, etc.) will be highly scares:


(Blurred sample picture of weapon NFT)

①A cool weapon NFT with excellent high attribute entries. The weapon NFT can be reinforced and has a maximum number of times. Each reinforcement requires many materials. At the same time, each reinforcement randomly increases a certain attribute entry (attack, crit, crit) hit damage, etc.) for random value enhancement, resulting in high-attribute combination weapon NFT and its rarity.


(Blurred sample picture of weapon NFT)

② The character NFT has a multi-attribute entry, and the total value of the character NFT’s attribute value is the same but the attribute assignment is different. The character NFT with attribute assignment that meets the player’s demand for difficult scenarios is extremely scarce.

SAVIOR will bring players a brand-new game experience, exciting plot and magnificent gaming background. In the future, SAVIOR will become a national game, and anyone’s life track cannot be separated from SAVIOR. In the future, all communication will be possible with people thousands of miles away without leaving home. In addition to the things necessary to survive, all the things you want to do in life can be done in this game.


(Blurred sample picture of weapon NFT)

Whether you choose to join SAVIOR or not, SAVIOR is the prelude to the opening of a new era.

To achieve true fairness in various worlds and ensure a level starting ground, anyone can become a superhero who controls its own destiny and saves the world from crisis in the Lemniscate metaverse.

In the future Lemniscate universe, time, and space will be truly parallel. Lemniscate will create a more open and inclusive metaverse and merge with other metaverses. Gamers will be able to map all assets and weapons from other games in the Lemniscate metaverse.

Lemniscate will be inclusive. It will empower gamers, let them experience the metaverse game world with no boundaries and maximize the value of in-game assets.

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