European royal noble favorite essential oil workshop Estrella Choelus


“Estrella Choelus,” translated from ancient Greek as “Estrella  Chœlus,” originally meant a star that was permanent, pleasant, and beautiful.In 1844, while refining essential oils, Galio di Vincenzo, a vegetable oil refiner, discovered that the fragrance they gave off when heated not only made people feel good, but also cured his perennial insomnia.For this reason, he opened an essential oil treatment workshop Estrella Chœlus in a small town to treat anxiety, insomnia and depression by heating essential oil.Guests could not only enjoy the fragrance treatment in the store, but also they could buy back home and used the convenient tools to operate by themselves.There were more noble counts and even Queen Victoria. For this reason Estrella Choelus was once awarded a high royal honor.

Under the influence of World War II in 1914, Galio di Vincenzo’s son Hans di Vincenzo shut down the essential oil treatment workshop Estrella Chœlus and moved to London, where he continued to refine cannabis oil for a living and sold it to soldiers maimed by the war to ease their pain.

In 1977, Hans di Vincenzo passed away. He taught his daughter Phoebe di Vincenzo the distillation technology of extracting essential oil and the formula of mixing different essential oils. Phoebe di Vincenzo used her ancestor’s Estrella  Chœlus as the workshop name in London.She reopened the essential oil workshop with essential oil as the main product, and provided products and formula customization for many famous aromatherapy institutions in Britain and Europe.

Estrella Choelus own a 1200 mu plant plantation in northwest England.It is the larger essential oil raw material planting, extraction, custom-made manufacturer in the UK, and has exclusive CBD extraction technology and custom fragrance, custom aromatherapy production services. Estrella Choelus has a number of CE certifications in the UK and FDA certifications in the US, and enjoys high international recognition.

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