• Russia’s Sber Bank Files to Launch Its Own Stablecoin

    Russia’s Sber Bank Files to Launch Its Own Stablecoin

  • HyperVerse and Genaro Network Establish a Strategic Cooperation for Decentralized Cloud Storage

    According to official news, HyperVerse announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation with Genaro Network, an encrypted storage public chain platform. Through this cooperation, both parties will work together to establish metaverse WEB3.0. In the construction of metaverse, decentralized blockchain cloud storage is an integral part of it. Genaro Network will provide HyperVerse with decentralized encrypted storage service, and furnish users with efficient and safe storage of massive data. In terms of data security, it is able to protect user data from being lost, and guarantee that the ownership…

  • The Vision of Ethanim: Building New Public Chain for the Metaverse

    As the advanced version of the digital era, many metaverse applications using multiple digital technologies are approaching us. Blockchain technology makes digital identity unique and digital asset confirmation also becomes possible. It builds a trustworthy economic form and also accelerates the development of metaverse. In the past six months or so, the metaverse conceptual application represented by crypto games has been noticed. Traditional game developers have introduced digital assets and NFT based on blockchain technology into the game precisely to form a new metaverse conceptual game with unified value and…

  • In 2022 Elven World, the dark horse, Gamefi phenomenon is born! The Genesis equipment pre-sale is officially open!!

    The Metaverse , also known as the next-generation Internet,  exploded  in 2021. However, the Internet’s practice of mapping the real world into the virtual space is still in its infancy. Some metaverse projects stay in the partial mapping of reality, such as somatosensory and VR games.   And Gamefi games, a breakthrough in the metaverse world, have been sought after by users all over the world! The rapid development of GameFi is inseparable from the distributed structure of blockchain technology. Through this distributed structure and the confirmation of assets by the blockchain,…

  • Recap of Heroland Community Conference

    Heroland Community Conference has successfully ended! Now let’s have a review about the whole conference!   Introduction Metaease aims to gather the builders, designers, producers and users of the Metaverse through decentralized autonomous communities and further innovate on the basis of blockchain technology and game production technology, thus build a virtual world that blends with the real world, making it a Metaverse with complete economic cycle and social application value – Metaease will help individuals and organizations stand at the forefront of the future, establish the ultimate expression of the…

  • BoomSpace Will Be Launched on BSC, A New Play-To-Earn NFT Game for Everyone

    During 2021, too many new concepts have been seen in blockchain. Crypto trends started by NFT has not only made the concept of Web3 popular, GameFi was also on the right track and exploded in the second half of 2021. As a public chain, BSC focuses on the fields of GameFi, Metaverse and NFT. BSC has launched a number of GameFi and Metaverse projects, and achieved excellent results. In the end, with low gas fee, it once became the most popular public chain for GameFi. Recently, BoomSapce, a Play-To-Earn NFT…

    Uncategorized 19/01/2022
  • MeRace | FunBall, the first metaverse competitive game of MeRace, will be online officially on January 20, 2022

    Recently, the metaverse competitive ecological platform MeRace announced that FunBall, its first large-scale 3D metaverse football competitive game, will start closed beta test on Jan. 20 and will open its qualification to white list users. The game is expected to enter the internal test stage on Feb. 10 and will start public test stage on March 10. The upsurge belonging to FunBall has started. Professional teams research and develop There will be rich game content FunBall is the first metaverse concept game under MeRace, which is different from the relatively simple same concept game in the market. FunBall has made great efforts in game…

  • Cross-chain interoperability can not be realistic?

    Vitalik Buterin is skeptical about the cross-chain ecosystem On January 8th, Ethereum co-founder and core developer Vitalik Buterin tweeted a link in a Reddit post in which he discussed his belief in a multi-chain future, but he The cross-chain ecosystem is skeptical that as the number of cryptocurrencies held in cross-chain bridges increases, so does the incentive to hack attack on them, and their would be more serious consequences. If you move 100 ETH to a cross-chain bridge on Solana network to get 100 Solana-WETH, no one will attack Ethereum…

    Uncategorized 16/01/2022
  • In order to build the Mobius ring planet, Baidu Xirang will soon issue XR, the token of Xirang.

    The direction of Baidu Xirang’s efforts is to become a metaverse engine, providing AI and cloud computing capabilities for Xirang and other metaverse products, and the token XR (1 billion pieces) will be issued soon. Metaverse’s real-time high-brush immersive experience screen effects and multi-person interactions in the same space require massive computing power, algorithm support, and a lot of R&D investment. Therefore, technical strength will become a key part of future Metaverse competition. Baidu has maintained high-intensity R&D investment for a long time. XR will become the only token in…

    Business 15/01/2022
  • First game of Metaease — Heroland overview

    Metaease has officially launched and it’s first game—- Heroland is coming and will soon under beta test. Now let’s have a overview about this project. Heroland is an SLG mobile game based on blockchain technology with gameplay as its starting point and foothold. Our design idea is to give full play to the entertainment and educational significance of the game. While bringing game value to users, we use blockchain technology to make the game run in an open and fair environment to ensure game fairness and asset safety among players….

  • The new crown epidemic has given rise to a new consumer model Can it continue to drive Amazon’s performance growth?

    The domestic epidemic is basically coming to an end, but the foreign epidemic is escalating. Things have been bought up inside supermarkets, which is especially applicable to the mask products of the moment. On the one hand, very few big-selling masks are sold by the day in tens of thousands, and on the other hand, a large number of accounts are blocked because of selling high-priced masks. The development of the epidemic touches everyone’s nerves and concerns the future of every cross-border person. In order to reduce the impact of…

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