Morgan Stanley Joined Hands with DF Technology: Overview of FINTOCH Investment platform

Alumni from Stamford allied to develop cutting-edge blockchain security technology

We all love a good story of the origin of a founding team. Yet, the story of Morgan DF Fintoch LLC is quite straight forward. When Bob Lambert, a graduate of Stanford University developed HyBriid security technology, he had a clear goal to build a financial public chain that can be beneficial to human society.

Combining multi-sig with zero-knowledge proof, HyBriid is designed to solve the security issues that are prevalent in DeFi. An essential technology speaks for itself: HyBriid won the annual DeFi Technology Contribution Award at the Pan American Blockchain Summit in 2021. And it caught the attention of the vice president of Morgan Stanley, also an alumi of Stanford, who expressed optimism about the prospect of Fintoch.

In March 2022, under the arrangement of Jorge, Vice President of Morgan Stanley, the two groups completed the signing process to fund Morgan DF Fintoch LLC.

Upon launching, Fintoch prioritized the recruiting of supervisory nodes. From May to June 2022, Fintoch seeked the assistance of major financial-related companies and institutions to serve as supervisory nodes in order to improve the “multiple signatures” function of HyBriid’s security technology.

These include New York-based Morgan Stanley, Washington-based Coin Center, California-based BitGive, Australia-based Cryptos, Singapore-based LinkCove, and 100 other platforms that will work together to safeguard user funds and bring the risk factor to infinitely close to zero.

Morgan Stanley Joined Hands with DF Technology: Overview of FINTOCH Investment platform

Four key features of Fintoch to ensure capital efficiency in borrow and lending and high security of user’s fund


  • HyBriid: a Decentralized security technology + smart contracts

The main feature of FINTOCH is to build a safe, reliable, and low-risk decentralized financial platform via HyBriid technology. HyBriid utilizes “zero-knowledge proof” and “multiple signatures” technology to ensure the security of smart contracts.

In detail, whenever a FINTOCH user wants to borrow money, the system will randomly select 10 nodes from 100 anonymous supervisory nodes to jointly generate a supervisory secret key by using zero-knowledge proof cryptography and create a special multi-signature lending contract wallet with the borrower and the platform.

The lending contract wallet requires two out of the three parties to provide the secret key authorization for funds access. These three parties consist of the borrower, the platform, and the supervisory node, which must jointly follow the agreement to use the funds.

According to the rules of the agreement, if anyone want to cheat or commit fraud jointly, he/she will need all 10 supervisory nodes to know the borrower, and the probability of doing so is zero, which is impossible to cheat jointly.

  • P2P Blockchain Finance

As a peer-to-peer financial investment platform, Fintoch has two features: Short-term Loan Financing and Lending Aggregation Pool.

In Short-term Loan Financing, Borrowers are required to pay 50% of the deposit and the short-term loan can only be invested in DEX granted by Fintoch. Once the liquidation condition is triggered, it will be automatically cleared by the smart contract system, thus ensuring full coverage for lenders.

On the other hand, all of the daily profits generated by users will enter the platform’s Lending Aggregation Pool in real-time and will be matched automatically to borrowers for a 1-day cycle. Therefore, all of the user’s daily earnings will be lent again in the lending aggregation pool and the daily lending yield of 1.5% is much higher than the 7-days cycle lending yield.

  • Decentralized Leverage Borrowing

The secure and efficient Short-term leveraged lending feature explains itself in the table below:

Morgan Stanley Joined Hands with DF Technology: Overview of FINTOCH Investment platform

  • STO Investment

Last but not least, for all daily earnings generated by investors on Fintoch, an additional 1% of the number of STO interests in the earnings funds (FTH for short) will be given.

For example, an investment of 10,000 USDT will generate 100 USDT in a day and can obtain the FTH which is equivalent to 1 USDT, converted to the corresponding amount based on the real-time price of FTH. When Fintoch is listed, 30% of the shares will be distributed according to the number of STO equity shares per user.


Roadmap to expanding new area for digital economy

Fintoch went alive on July 12, 2022 and that was just the start. To contribute to the growth and benefits of the global communities, Fintoch decided to airdrop $1,000,000 worth of financial vouchers at the end of August.

Fintoch also have a clear developmental roadmap planned ahead:

Sep, 2022: Establish a global community service center and hold meetings and market launch conferences for communities in various countries.

Oct, 2022: The Fintoch Hackathon will reward teams that assist in optimizing Fintoch’s security and developing innovative security technologies.

Nov, 2022: Participate in roadshows and hold kick-off meetings, including Silicon Valley, London, Toronto, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, and other key cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Dec, 2022: Financial public chain for community internal testing.

June, 2023: Negotiation of important capitals on Wall Street, including Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Citi Bank, etc.

The existance of Fintoch marks another big step for DeFi and a huge leap forward in mankind’s quest for financial freedom. Fintoch’s ultimate goal is to make equitable access to financial services as a fundamental human right. In time, financial services will become a necessity, like water and air, available to people all over the world and usher in the era of financial freedom. So let’s work together to get there as soon as possible!

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About Fintoch

Fintoch is an innovative blockchain financial platform built by Morgan DF Fintoch, a Silicon Valley company from America. It is dedicated to breaking through the dilemma of traditional finance and making up for the shortcomings brought by decentralization. Fintoch provides diversified financial services such as lending, investment, and borrowing. Fintoch’s core feature HyBriid combines multiple signatures and zero-knowledge proof, which greatly promotes the development of blockchain security technology.