CoinSea Global Exchange to a New Step

CoinSea	Global Exchange to a New Step

Recently,according to official news,CoinSeaEX digital asset trading platform has obtained the MSB digital asset exchange license issued by the U.S. Treasury agency FinCEN,and the global compliance operation has reached a new level again. According to reports,this is CoinSeaEX in the world obtained the fifth compliance business license. MSB is the abbreviation of the Money Services Business,the U.S. Treasury and Securities Regulatory Commission have clearly stressed that digital money exchanges and their managers,engaged in digital assets related business in the United States,must be registered in the FinCEN MSB license. A licence allows CoinSeaEX to legally and legally carry out digital asset-related services in the United States,such as currency transactions,legal currency transactions and contract lending.

Founded in2018,CoinSeaEX Digitalassets andDerivatives InternationalStation isa global financial digital assets .At present,theCoinSeaEXhas more than 2 million registered users and more than200000 daily active users,covering more than 80 countries and regionsaround the world,covering Europe,Asia-Pacific and other mainstreamregions. Official website:

CoinSeaEX provides a series of digital assets such asBitcoin,Ethernet Square and a series of digital asset derivativestrading services.The core team from Google、Apple,Grab、 Robinhood and otherworld-renowned financial companies and Internet companies,insystem security,microsecondhigh load,financialsecurity and other senior experience. CoinSeaEX has received morethan $10 million in strategic investment,includingTemasek、 Rock Foundation,DFJ andother investment agencies.

CoinSea	Global Exchange to a New Step

CoinSeaEX adopts the world’s leading multi-tier,multi-cluster systemarchitecture,the high-speed dealmaking engine can carry up to 80000transactions per second,can meetthe extremelyfast demandof users,andefficient andrapid completionof transactions. The digital asset storage of users adoptsmultiple signature cold wallet technology to effectively ensure thesecurity of funds.CoinSeaEX have deep cooperation with Alicloud,Cloudflare and other companies in system security toeffectively prevent DDOS and other attacks with financial levelsecurity technical standards.Perfect to ensure the security of users’assets,and upgrade the user experience by iterative development andoptimization of the underlying technical architecture.

CoinSeaEX vision is to provide digital assets and derivativesinvestors with convenient,secure and safe investment channels.Besidestrading services,the CoinSeaEX also provides one-stop professionalintegrated consultant investment

schemes and services to complete the conversion of digital assetexchanges from trading providers to trading service providers,withdiversified hedging strategies,rigorouswind controlsystems andconstant tradingprincipalmechanisms,bringing risk management,positionmanagement,professional trading techniques and rational tradingconcepts to investors embracing digital assets to realize valueinvestment,thereby maximizing the security,stability and pre-controlof users’ investment in digital assets,making each user a qualifiedinvestor rather than a speculator.

CoinSea	Global Exchange to a New Step

Starting with the 2021 New year,CoinSeaEX announced plans to launchits own platform public chain within two years SeaChain,create adecentralized,efficient and energy-saving public chain that willenable the compatibility of intelligent contracts on the basis ofsupporting high-performance transactions. Relying on CoinSeaEX hugetrading ecology,we are committed to becoming the birthplace of

innovative technology and business.

For exchanges,the right development strategy,carefully polishedproducts,the security ofassets,thedepth oftrading anduser experienceare indispensable.Block chain andencrypted moneyindustry arestill inthe earlystage,fromthe interestsof users,continuous innovation may be the long-term survivalof the exchange.staking 、 DeFi 、DAO and other innovative concepts have emerged in recentyears. How will CoinSeaEX achieve his goal of the starry sea? In thefuture,let’s wait and see.

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