Blockchain+ energy, IEA is born strong

The rapid growth of the earth’s population and the industrialization of developing countries are pushing global energy demand to unprecedented levels. The world’s energy dependence on fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas poses a major risk to the environment and is one of the main factors causing adverse climate change.

With these challenges, new approaches to energy production and distribution are needed. The solution must support dynamic and sustainable global growth, for which the IEA came into being.

Blockchain+ energy, IEA is born strong

The IEA Foundation was established by the Japanese IEA Company. Its platform token IEA is an open source software designed and released by the Foundation and a digital currency constructed. It is the world’s first landing solution that uses blockchain technology to support the development of the energy industry. It aims to promote the development of energy industry, escort energy trading enterprises, provide financial sponsorship and technical support from IEA, so that energy trading enterprises can thrive and cultivate a new “settlement system” for the world environment.

At the same time, IEA will create a comprehensive blockchain underlying technology, such as point-to-point transmission, distributed storage, lightning transactions, etc., which also means that IEA is also a decentralized payment system.

Blockchain+ energy, IEA is born strong

What kind of spark can IEA+ Energy bring?

Blockchain technology can be widely used in combination with the two major trends of the energy industry’s distributed transaction system and the popularization of clean energy. For the energy production link, improve energy production efficiency, reduce management costs, and increase monitoring accuracy; for the energy trading market, provide safe transaction guarantee and reduce communication costs for the wholesale energy trading market, and provide a real-time payment and settlement system for the retail energy trading market. Promote the popularization of clean energy; increase investment and financing channels for the investment and financing of the energy industry to reduce investment and financing risks; increase participation in energy conservation and emission reduction in the energy industry, provide liquidity, and achieve the goal of stabilizing climate change. The “blockchain + energy” project has a wide range of application scenarios, which can be divided into the following specific applications: energy production, energy trading, energy asset investment and financing, and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Blockchain+ energy, IEA is born strong

Today, a new blockchain energy ecosystem is born strongly. Just today, IEA is officially launched globally. As a new blockchain energy certificate, IEA, also today, has opened global subscriptions simultaneously, and is about to open a new The new energy era of blockchain.

The total issuance of IEA tokens is 100 billion, the issuance cycle is 120 days, the first round of lifting the ban limit is 200 million, the issuance unit price is $5.0/piece, the IEA designated subscription platform is https//, according to the IEA team, IEA is about to Well-known top exchanges will be launched globally, and Huobi, Binance, Coinbase Pro, OKEX, BitMEX, Bitget and other well-known exchanges will be launched globally in June 2021. Stay tuned.

IEA uses energy Internet, blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, new finance and other technologies to integrate energy-related companies through co-construction to promote the benign interaction of people, energy, environment, and value rights, with the goal of making energy more efficient , Make wealth easier! Give the earth a blue sky and white clouds to make the homeland more beautiful!

In the near future, IEA will promote the arrival of the third energy revolution. This has profound and lasting subversive significance not only for the country, society, but also for ordinary investors. The IEA blockchain team will witness the development of the blockchain in 2021 with you, seize opportunities and actively participate.

Hand in hand with IEA, stand on the vent of technology and energy, you must be a winner!

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